Wednesday, February 15, 2017


My mom made this for me every Sunday morning growing up.  I LOVE IT, and now my kids love it!!!  I don't like the raisins so I usually leave them out, much easier than picking each one out like when I was younger HA.  Not only is this a tasty way to start your day, but it is a healthy filling meal as well.

Not only is it one of my favorite grains, but one of the worlds oldest grains. Rice is primarily a carb, but has small amounts of protein and.... virtually NO FAT!  Brown rice is becoming very popular, due to the increased health benefits, my family actually prefers the taste better than white.  It has a nuttier flavor, and a firmer texture (less mushy than white rice tends to be).  This recipe is best with white rice, but if you haven't already give brown rice a try at your next dinner!!!

Another huge benefit of rice is the cost. A large bag of rice at the store is around 1 dollar, and just 1 cup of rice feeds my family of 5 (when cooked it doubles in size).  So, 1 bag makes several meals!  HUGE win in the budget department, and also a big win in the nutrition department.  

Cinnamon is also a a beneficial ingredient.  It one of the most delicious AND healthiest spices on the planet!  It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors and has a many other impressive health benefits. So.... EAT CINNAMON! 😉

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4 cups   Water
1 cup Rice (preferably white)
dash salt
handful raisins (opt)

Rinse your rice in a mesh strainer to wash excess starch away (this can effect the end texture).  Put first 4 ingredients into a large pot and turn heat to high.  DO NOT STIR OR COVER.  Bring to boil, once water is boiling turn heat down to medium-high and cook until water has all been absorbed.  (approx 20 min)  Keep and eye on it towards the end of the cooking process to make sure the rice doesn't burn.  DO NOT STIR.  This recipe is as simple as they come, dump, cook, serve.  No stirring or any maintenance.  NONE!  
Once the water is gone, remove from heat and serve.  Top with cinnamon, sugar and milk. (I add enough milk to make it about the texture of oatmeal).  I also serve with wheat toast to dip in.  

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