Monday, February 27, 2017


Lunch is my least favorite meal of the day.  I never know what to make... Here are so quick easy and healthy lunches that will take you under a min to make!

Lunchables Grown-UP

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Other toppings of choice
(My Favorites are: lunch meat, cucumbers salt and pepper)

This recipe really has endless possibilities.  Multi-Grain crackers are my favorite in this recipe.  Some whole grain and fiber to keep you full longer!  This is SUCH a healthy lunch option and so quick and easy!

Herbed-Tuna Slices

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Cucumber slices
Tuna (drained)
Lemon Pepper (or other desired spices)
salt and pepper

Drain tuna, season with desired spices and serve on cucumber slices.  Such a refreshing lunch option.  Low in calories but not low on flavor!

Tortilla Wrap

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Tortilla (wheat preferred)
meat (left over from dinner is my fav)
        lunch meat works too!
Lettuce Leaf
Cheese stick (or slices/shredded would work)
1-2 tsp Ranch Dressing (low-fat preferred)
Your Favorite Veggies!

Wrap it up!  Spread Ranch (or other dressing) onto tortilla and lay remaining ingredients in the middle of the tortilla, then roll it up.  Easy and healthy lunch option.  The best thing about this is you can use anything you have laying around.  I love to make a little extra chicken at dinner time so I have left overs for a healthy wrap the next day.  A tip for keeping veggie costs low, is to buy the veggies while there in season.  Not only are they cheaper when in season, they also taste better!

MATURE Quesadillas

Grated cheese
1 Tbl Salsa
1 tsp cilantro (optional)
1 Tortilla
Favorite Veggies (ie. green peppers, onions, mushrooms)

Top tortilla with cheese and other desired toppings. Heat in microwave or oven until melted. Top with salsa and cilantro!

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