Thursday, February 2, 2017


HI!  Welcome to the Kane County Food $ense blog.  Here I will share quick, easy AND healthy recipes for you and your family!!!  I will also be posting tips for healthy living, eating and even tips to stretch your food $$$.  But first... a little bit about me! 😁
  I am the Kane County NEA (Nutrition Educator Assistant) through the USU Extensions program, and I LOOOOVE nutrition!  When I was in middle school I started having some health issues and passing out randomly, after some doctor visits and tests it was confirmed that I had Hypoglycemia, a disease where your blood sugar drops below normal levels.  It can be managed through a healthy diet.  After this diagnosis I got a food guide pyramid and hung it in my closet to look at everyday, to make sure I was being healthy.  Maybe a bit extreme... what can I say, I was an odd child 😉... but seeing that image everyday, as well as the drastic change in how I felt, when I was eating right created this passion I have for healthy eating.  In 2008 I pursued a degree in Nutrition and 3 years later, I graduated with my Bachelors degree from Southern Utah University in Human Nutrition.  Learning how to manage my illness and feel healthy was invigorating for me.  I later taught a nutrition after school program for Granite School District at Academy Park Elementary.  This is where I developed my LOVE for teaching!  I want to help you improve your eating habits, stretching your food $$$, and give delicious healthy recipes to implement in your weekly menu!  Simple changes in eating and physical activity can DRAMATICALLY change your life.  Don't believe me?.. TRY IT! Check back here for weekly updates and recipes!!!

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