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Nothing is quite as hearty as fried chicken, unfortunately it comes with a hearty dose of calories.  This recipe will fill your craving for crispy fried chicken, with much fewer calories!
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I like to use chicken tenderloins over chicken breasts.  They are cheaper and also smaller so they cook faster and are smaller portion sizes.
 In 1 bowl beat 1 egg and 1 egg white (taking out the yolk, also cuts calories) and about 1 Tbl water.  In another bowl add flour and spices (this will be your breading) I like paprika, salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Go heavy on the spices, you don't want the flavor to get lost in the flour. 
 I like to use a cooling rack, on top of a cookie sheet, to let the chicken rest before cooking. (Doing this helps the breading to set and keeps it from falling off in the cooking process.)
 Take the thawed chicken tenderloins and dip in the egg mixture then flour mixture, next place on cooling rack.  Once all chicken is coated, repeat the process. (So each tenderloin will be coated twice, this ensures the breading to get a good bond to the meat)
 You only need 2-3 Tbl of Olive Oil, You are going to saute the chicken rather than fry, but I PROMISE it will look and taste like it was fried.  
Turn on the stove and allow oil to heat. Once oil is heated, use kitchen tongs to lay the chicken into the pan.  Allow to cook on medium heat for approx 4-5 min on each side (NOTE: If using chicken breasts this time will be increased).
 Cook until inner temperature of chicken reads 165 degrees on a meat thermometer. This ensures the meat is thoroughly cooked without being dried out and over cooked.  (I SWEAR BY A MEAT THERMOMETER, I used to always overcook meat.)  I got mine at Walmart for $3, nothing fancy but does the job!  Once cooked Place on paper towel to soak any remaining oil (there will be very little).  Serve with dipping sauce and a veggie salad to complete the meal! My Green Machine Pasta Salad would also be an awesome side dish with this meal.



Chicken Tenderloins (thawed)
1 Egg
1 Egg white
1-2 TBL Water

2/3 C Flour
2 TBL Paprika
1 TBL Salt
2 TBL Pepper
1 TBL Garlic powder
other spices if desired

2-3 TBL Olive Oil

1-Trim off any excess skin on meat
2- Beat egg, egg white and water till foamy
3- In separate bowl mix flour and spices
4- Dip thawed chicken into egg then flour mixture, placing on cooling rack to allow breading to set.  Repeating process to ensure breading is set
5- Heat oil until hot 
6- Use kitchen tongs to lay meat into pan and cook (4-5 min on each side) 
**NOTE: If using chicken breasts the meat will need to cook longer
7-Allow meat to rest on paper towel to remove excess oil (there will be very little), then serve!

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