Monday, April 24, 2017


This snack is 100% waste and mess free!  Forget the toothpicks, these kabobs are skewed together with pretzel sticks. Genius!  This is a fun snack the whole family can enjoy.
 Layer a slice of cheese (any kind will do, Swiss cheese is my favorite) on a slice of ham and roll up.
Secure with a pretzel stick, and your done! 
Dip in ranch or honey mustard, or eat plain, you wont be disappointed!

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Ham and Cheese Kabobs

Cheese (Swiss is my fav, and will do)
Sandwich Meat (Ham is what this recipe calls for but would work with any flavor)
Pretzel Sticks
Ranch or Honey Mustard (optional)

1. Layer one piece of meat onto a slice of cheese
2. Roll up and secure with a pretzel stick
3. Enjoy! Dip in Ranch or Honey Mustard if desired.

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