Monday, April 24, 2017


WARNING*** THESE ARE ADDICTIVE!!!  I have to be careful how many of these little guys I make because I cant stop till they're gone.  This might be one of the easiest cheapest snack recipes in your recipe box!
 All you need is yogurt and a plastic bag of some kind, (you are going to be making a piping bag with it.) I just used a cheap sandwich fold top baggie, but anything in the "baggie family" will work! Big, small, zip top, fold top you name it!  Any kind of yogurt will work for this recipe as well.  This brand was on sale at Glazier's grocer this week so I chose that.  Greek yogurt would work as well.
 Fill the baggie approx 1/2 full with your yogurt of choice, squeeze out any excess air and twist the top to keep the yogurt from falling out of the top.
 Snip the corner of the bag with a SMALL hole, the smaller the hole the more control you will have and less mess you'll end up with.
 Carefully pipe out little buttons on a piece of wax or parchment paper. Aim for the size of a penny. (Can pipe directly onto cookie sheet too, I just like the paper cause it makes for easy clean up)  Place in the freezer for 40min-1 hour.
Once frozen, the buttons will pop right off! IF there are any remaining you can place them in a small container and store in the freezer.  Goodbye ice cream, hello frozen yogurt bites!  Happy Snacking! :)

Frozen Yogurt Buttons
Related image
Small Plastic Baggie (fold top, ziplock, any will work)
Yogurt of choice

1. Fill baggie 1/2 full with yogurt, squeeze out any excess air and twist opening (to keep yogurt from spilling out)
2. Cut corner of baggie with a SMALL hole.
3. Carefully pipe out little buttons (the size of a penny) onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper or parchment paper. (can forgo paper and pipe right onto cookie sheet if desired)
4. Place buttons in the freezer for 40min-1 hour until buttons are frozen 
5. Pop buttons off and enjoy! Store any remainders in an airtight container in the freezer.

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