Tuesday, May 2, 2017


We have spent a good amount of time talking about the importance of eating healthy, but that is not the only thing that effects our health.  Physical Activity plays a huge role in our wellness and can produce long term health benefits.  


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-Increase your chances of living longer
-Increased confidence
-Decrease your chances of depression
-Sleep well at night
-Move around more easily
-Have stronger muscles and bones
-Stay at or get to a healthy weight

The more you are physically active the better your health will be.  You don't have to pay a hefty monthly gym membership to get these benefits.  There are many things you can do at home and around your community for FREE that will improve your fitness. 

There are several types of exercise that are especially beneficial.  Here are a few of these categories and the benefits that result.

1.  Aerobic Activity:  AKA Cardio, This type of activity makes you breathe harder and your heart beat faster.  These activities can be either:
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*Moderate (you can talk while doing them) ie: cleaning, gardening, walking, casual bike riding
**Vigorous (you can only say a few words without loosing your breath)  ie: running, circuit training, strenuous cycling

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2.  Muscle- Strength Training:  These type of activities make your muscles stronger.  Doing this type of training helps tone your body and increase muscle definition.  ie: push-ups, lifting weights, calf raises, squats

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3.  Bone Strengthening Activities:  These activities produce force on the bones, promoting bone growth and strength.  These are ESPECIALLY important for children and teens.  ie: jumping, kicking

4.  Balance and Strength Training: This training enhances physical stamina and flexibility.  It also reduces the risk of injury and decreases stiffness and stress on your joints.  ie: yoga, floor stretches, balancing, dancing

  • Static Stretching:holding a pose for designated time, this is great for older people, and increased flexibility
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  • Dynamic Stretching: stretching using momentum or motion,this type increases performance and heart rate

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To receive the benefits we talked about earlier, it is recommended that Adults exercise a minimum of 30 min a day and children, a minimum of 60 min a day. This can be done all at once or broken into separate segments throughout your day. 

Give them all a try, find the one that you enjoy the most and make a plan.  You'll notice a difference in your mood, energy and stamina almost instantly!! 

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