Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Involving your kids in the kitchen is the best way to teach them healthy habits and success in trying new foods.  When your children feel a sense of responsibility in the cooking process they are likely to feel satisfaction and excitement to try a new recipe.

This process can begin long before the cooking process starts. Taking children to the grocery store with you allows them to familiarize themselves with different foods and their location.  HERE is a link to a grocery store B-I-N-G-O game that will entertain and educate your children on their next market visit. 

Another way to involve children in the shopping experience is to let them pick out a new fruit or vegetable to bring home and try with their next meal.  This allows them to be proactive in the food selection, and feel a sense of responsibility.  It also helps them learn, that trying new foods isn't scary, but can be fun and exciting.

Allowing children to help in the kitchen doesn't always have to last the entire cooking process.  Especially on a busy night, when dinner needs to be ready quickly.  Simple steps can be done by your children, which can even speed up the dinner prep.  Such as, filling water in the pot, washing the fruits and veggies, slicing the veggies(if age permits), buttering the bread, or even getting the spices from the cupboard (and or put away).

Chores in the kitchen are not subject to only the cooking process.  Cooking, cleaning and maintaining kitchen duties can be a family pursuit.  Here are a suggested list of age appropriate chores to incorporate in your family:

Involving your kids in the kitchen has multiple benefits.  Including eating whats for dinner. 👊

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