Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Shopping and cooking foods in season is good for your health and budget.  When you buy foods in season their quantity is in abundance, resulting in a cheaper price. ☺$$$

 Produce that has been naturally ripened on the vine or tree and harvested at the right time results in more flavor and nutrition.  Which explains why in season produce tastes much better than when bought out of season.  

Another benefit of buying produce in season, is the produce is grown in regulated soil and approved pesticides.  Due to regulations in the USA. Out of season produce is typically brought in from out of the country and may contain contaminates from overseas.  Due to other countries lack of growth regulations.  Chemicals are also used to transport the produce overseas to prevent spoilage.  So buying in season, typically means buying in country. 👍regulations!

So to recap, buying produce in season is:

Here are a list of foods in season this fall, click on the link for facts and storage suggestions for each item.

Try to incorporate some of these seasonal fruits and veggies into your weekly seasonal menus! Happy Fall 'yall 🍁

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