Friday, June 22, 2018


Summer is quickly passing by, which is unfortunately also true for my kids ability to entertain themselves.  I came across some fun easy games that have been a solution to these "summer slumps".  There is no prep work and little to no equipment needed.  Hopefully these suggestions will help put an end to your summer slumps!


Equipment: UNO Cards
Formation: Circle
How to play: 

  • Hand out one card to each child.
  • Child identifies color on card & performs activity that corresponds to that color for 10-15 seconds.
    • BLUE - jump in sky
    • RED - squats
    • YELLOW - twirl
    • GREEN - swim in place
  • When leader calls out "Pass it on" student passes the card to the person on their right and completes the activity that corresponds to their new card.

Equipment: NONE
Formation: General area
How to play:
  • Ask children questions, children respond by jumping into the correct position to display their answers.
    • Choice A - feet together
    • Choice B - feet apart in a straddle position
    • Choice C - one foot in front of the other
  • Children jump 3 times on the forth jump they should land in the position that corresponds to the correct answer choice.
Equipment: Bean bag or small item for each pair, two items if a group of three.
Music: Rhythm or beat to follow.
Formation: Pairs or group of three.
How to play:
  • Place bean bag between the 2 players who are sitting across from each other on the floor.  Players clap knees alternately to the music.  When the music stops, players reach out and try to be the first one to grab the beanbag.
  • Variations: Tap shoulders, clap knees with hands, create own rhythm.  Change positions such as a plank hold etc.

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