Tuesday, August 21, 2018


 Quick tips for keeping your house squeaky clean on a budget!

All-purpose cleaner: Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 5 cups of water to make a window, eyeglass lens or surface cleaner. (This however, will not kill bacteria, so be sure to use a disinfectant on contaminated surfaces. )

Treat carpet spills, such as coffee or soda: Dampen a clean cloth with vinegar and dab the spot to remove excess liquid. Dampen another clean cloth with vinegar. Using cold water (never hot) and the vinegar, gently rub the spot until the stain is gone. 
Remove stains from porcelain: Rub a porcelain surface (sink, tub, commode) with cream of tartar and watch the stains disappear.

Loosen mineral deposits on sink faucets: Soak a paper towel in undiluted vinegar and place it on sink faucets.

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