Monday, September 24, 2018


Sugar plays a beneficial role in numerous body functions.  However it needs to be consumed in moderation.  Too much sugar intake can lead to diseases such as: type II diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.  While some types of sugar are easy to detect, others can be less obvious.  Educating yourself of the different types of added sugars on the market, will increase your awareness and understanding of sugar intake in moderation.

 How much is enough? Knowing your limits will make them more achievable.  Food labels are an excellent tool for detecting sugar levels.  The USDA is requiring a new food label format by 2021, this new label differentiates between natural sugar and added sugar amounts in a product.  This new feature makes it easier to detect sugar levels and the sources in which it originates. 

Beverages are typically high in added sugar.  Consuming these in moderation will improve your blood sugar levels and teeth composition.

Sugar, like all other foods is beneficial in moderation.  Make an effort to consume it in healthy amounts and your health will show drastic improvements.

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