Thursday, October 25, 2018


Making healthy choices doesn’t have to break the bank.  You can successfully eat healthy even on a tight grocery budget.  Knowing a few simple tips when shopping the grocery isles can significantly decrease your spending and increase your family’s health and longevity.  

#1 CREATE A GAME PLAN - Like any other factor in life, preparation makes a difference.  Knowing what you need ahead of time, will decrease impulse purchases and food waste.  Be committed to shopping with a list.  

#2 WHAT TO BUYAim for meals that incorporate ingredients located on the outer isles of the store.  These ingredients are more fresh and nutrient dense, providing your body with increased nutrients.

#3 COOK WHAT YOU BUY - Plan your meal order according to the perishable items.  If one dinner requires bell peppers, cook this recipe before your recipe requiring a frozen veggie.  This will eliminate food waste and increase your fresh food consumption and increase your families nutrient intake.

A few simple changes can impact your families health drastically. 

CLICK HERE for a healthy two week sample menu.  Get recipes and ideas to mix up your families dinner menu.


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