Thursday, December 27, 2018


It’s no secret that exercise is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. But with hundreds of different exercise styles, types and techniques it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  Being aware of these different types and benefits, you'll be better equipped to find the exercise program that best suit you.

Need Stress Management? 
Any physical activity can greatly help manage stress levels. Specifically speaking, meditation and yoga can drastically improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  You don’t need to attend a high-priced gym class to participate in these exercises, try free online classes, free phone apps and free community classes to see decreased stress levels in your life. Click here to view FREE yoga and other FREE exercise class schedules here in Kanab!

Hoping to Tone and Build Muscle? 
Push-ups and weight lifting is a great option for this goal.  Weight lifting doesn't need to be fancy, difficult, or require expensive equipment.  It is important to work all parts of the body (legs, hips, back, chest, shoulder, arms and stomach).  This may seem daunting but really its not! There are hundreds of FREE online workout plan options tailored to these individual muscle groups. From FREE websites, apps and books your free opportunities are as endless as the results!
Attempting Weight Loss? 
Aerobic exercise is a great way to see results in weight-loss.  You’ll hear these 2 terms when referencing aerobic exercise: 
  • vigorous (more intense aerobic exercises; you cannot comfortably carryout a conversation while performing this type) 
  • moderate (less intense, still impactful. This type increases heart rate, while still being able to carry out a conversation).  
Another well known term for this exercise type is "cardio".  Cardio gets a bad rap, but truly cardio has many impactful benefits, including: weight loss, endurance, and improved strength.  Finding the right "type" of cardio can make all the difference.  Examples include: bicycling, running/jogging, circuit training, swimming, even brisk walking or stair stepping can create desired "aerobic results"!

Looking for Bone Strengthening Exercises?  
Building bone strength can decrease bone fractures and breakage.  This type is especially important for children and adolescence.  Exercises that include jumping (like jump roping & vertical hops) are especially beneficial.  These activities provide force on the bones that promotes bone growth and strength.

Aiming for Flexibility & Balance?  
Try  gentle stretching, dancing, yoga, martial arts and t’ai chi. These types of exercises can prevent injuries and increase mobility, flexibility, and improve balance.

All types of exercise can dramatically impact your wellbeing.  Being physically active can increase your confidence, sleeping ability, muscle and bone strength stamina and mobility.  It drastically decreases your risk of developing chronic diseases, weight gain, stress and depression.

Find the exercise method that speaks to you!  You’re significantly more likely to follow through with an exercise program that you enjoy.  Commit in 2019 to not only being more physically active, but to ENJOY being more physically active!

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