Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Winter can be a somber time for some.  This winter make an effort to increase your activity.  Here are some FUN, SIMPLE, FREE ways to be active with your family this winter season.  Avoid those winter blues and make this winter one to remember. 

GET OUTDOORS- We are SO lucky to live in such a warm climate.  Avoid staying cooped up on sunny days, get outdoors.  Did you know the sun is a natural source of Vitamin D?  It’s no wonder fresh air is so beneficial to our minds, souls and bodies!  Getting outdoors can be simple, a bike ride, a walk around the block or hiking a trail, the outdoor options are as limitless as the possibilities.

BRAIN WORK-  On those bitter cold days, stay indoors and exercise your mind.  Experiment with your kids with easy household items.  It doesn’t take any prep work or expense.  Try experimenting with ice, salt and food coloring.  Click HERE for a fun experiment, only requirements:  salt, water, food coloring and bowls.  

BUNDLE UP- When the occasional snow storm does come, embrace the moment.  Bundle up and spend 10 minutes outside teaching your kids your favorite snowy activity from childhood. Give homemade snow cones a try! Click HERE for a FREE snow cone syrup recipe with pantry ingredients, AND preservative free

Enjoy this winter, be present in the present and kiss those winter blues goodbye!  

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