Wednesday, January 2, 2019


If your new years goal is to eat healthy, watch your weight or even loose weight, consider giving your snack intake some attention. 

The best way to snack, is to snack mindfully.  Meaning, to make your snacks serve a purpose, use snacks to achieve your recommended nutrient intake for the day.  If you don’t like fruit with your meals, consider snacking on an apple, orange or handful of grapes.  Protein intake low for the day? Grab a handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds or TBL of peanut butter.  

Did you know over eating only 100 calories a day (an average slice of bread) will result in gaining 10 pounds in 1 year.  Most Americans eat hundreds of additional calories a day, causing drastic weight gain each year.

Decrease your daily calorie intake, and pay attention to your snacking choices.  Consider making some of these simple, nutritious snack swaps. 

Making your snacks mindful will increase your nutrient intake, decrease your calorie intake and up your weight loss and health for 2019! 

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