Monday, April 1, 2019


Already 4 months into our weekly exercise challenge.  If you have not yet joined, it's not too late! 1 exercise each week, 10 min a day for results you'll FEEL and SEE! 

This week is another full body exercise that will engage your core and tone your upper body.

Week 13:
Downward Plank Taps

(A)  (B)

(C)  (D)

Proper Form: Begin by starting in a high plank with your wrists under your shoulders and your feet hip-width apart (A).

Push your hips up and back to move into a Downward Dog (triangular position) with your heels reaching toward the floor.
Keep your core tight and shift your weight forward to come back into a high plank (B). Return to your starting (plank) position (C).
Now repeat this same motion on your other side (D). Continue for 1 minute, rest and repeat.

***TIP breath out (exhale) as you come up to downward dog and touch your foot, this helps engage your core and ensures you are not holding your breath to avoid becoming lightheaded.

Muscles Engaged: Targets the core, deltoids, and rhomboids.

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