Monday, April 29, 2019


This week we'll put our focus on cardio. Cardio workouts have many benefits, though not usually a fan favorite, they burn the most calories and strengthen your heart, bones and major muscle groups. 

This routine is a suggested combination of cardio moves and can be scaled back or beefed up depending on your personal preference/needs.

You'll need a clock, or stop watch to complete this routine. Each move is 1 min, try to move from one move to the next to keep your heart rate up for the entire set.
1 min intervals for each move 
**Track your # of reps (times preformed) & watch your progress throughout the week.

March in place - lift the knees high and swing the arms (warm up)
Jog in place - while push the arms overhead
Run in place - high knees
Slow jumping jacks - tight and controlled
Jumping jacks - full speed
March in place 
Ice breakers (begin in a wide squat, jump up and land with soft knees while chopping the arms toward the floor **similar to jump squat from week 6)
Mountain climbers
Run in place - high knees
March in place - cool down

You don't need a treadmill or fancy equipment to complete a good cardio routine.  Incorporate cardio into your routine and see your progress improve. 

Muscles impacted: heart, lungs, major muscle groups.

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