Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Gardening is in the air... But what if your gardening options are scarce? Or maybe your garden know-how isn't up to par? You don't need a large plot of land or vast knowledge to grow healthy food for your family this harvest season. Container gardening is a great option for any situation. If you're new to gardening and feeling a bit overwhelmed this option can also act as a great "trial garden" attempt. Here are a few container gardening options to consider this planting season:

Container gardening can look many different ways. Each of these options are portable and utilizes a container as a source of planting.

(option 1)
 Planter pots or buckets. This option can be done in any type of enclosed container.  You can buy specific pots made for planting, or use buckets you already have.  Simple add soil and plant! 
**TIP: if using an ordinary bucket, consider drilling some holes in the bottom of the bucket to avoid excess watering.

(option 2)

 Pallet planting is another great option. You can get pallets FREE at stores on their delivery days, which makes this option great if your gardening on a budget. These gardens can be done vertically, or horizontally (gardening box style).  Depending on the style you choose, it may limit your vegetation options, but still provides many successful opportunities.
**TIP: speak with a local gardener, or an employee at a gardening store to know which plants would thrive in this environment.
(USU Extension has a Master Gardener that can provide FREE gardening information.) 

(option 3)
A hanging garden is also an option worth considering.  This type too, has some vegetation limitations, but still many options to consider. These pots can be hung on the outer or indoor eves of your home. Hanging hooks are inexpensive and can be utilized as hanging options.  

Container gardening can serve many purposes. With decreased size requirements and maintenance this type of gardening can be very successful and beneficial for your family.  

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