Monday, May 20, 2019


With primary focus on your core, this exercise encompasses your entire body.  Spike your heart rate and burn extra calories to fire up your metabolism.  It looks simple but in just a few seconds you'll feel it!

WEEK 20:

(A)  (B)

Proper Form: To begin, get into a push-up position.  Keep your core tight (envision belly button to spine) and run as fast as you can driving your knees to your chest. (image A)
*to modify do this at a slower pace
Continue this exercise for 30 seconds, then move to the "spiderman" phase of the combo (image B).  This is done in the same push-up position, only this time drive your knee to your similar elbow (this transition, shifts the work to your obliques (side abs)). Perform this phase for 30 seconds, rest and repeat for desired time.
***TIP - focus on keeping your back straight and core engaged for the entire exercise.

Muscles Engaged: This exercise tones your abs, strengthens your arms, back and core.  It also builds flexibility in your hips and thighs, making it a full body rounded exercise.

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