Monday, June 17, 2019


Dumbbells can be costly and sometimes not a priority in a budget. There are household objects that will get you quick results at little or no cost! Consider these alternative dumbbell options to amp up your next exercise attempt.

1. Milk Jugs- Fill your empty milk jug with water, sand, or cement. Be sure your jug has a handle to lift and lower, like you would a dumbbell.

2. Canned Goods - Canned goods that fit in your hands work remarkably well for hand weight options. Consider cans of different sizes to increase and decrease weight as needed.

3.  Plastic Water bottles - Rather than reusing your plastic water bottles consider filling them with rocks, sand or water. Try filling two with the same substance as to keep the weight equal in both hands.

4.  Packages of Rice or Beans - These bundles are awesome for small weight options.

5.  Paint Cans - Grasp the cans by the handles. These cans are quite heavy, making them a great option as your need for weight increases.

6.  Books - Books can be a great weight alternative. As books are readily available and size options are vast. Choose a size that suits your needs and increase in weight as you see fit. 

7.  Exercise Bands - In the event, that your budget does allow exercise equipment to be purchased, exercise bands are a great inexpensive option. These cost effective substitutes bring results without the cost. 

8.  Shop Used - Exercise equipment can be found for cheap at second hand stores and yard sales.

9.  Bags of Apples or Onions - As a temporary alternative, use a new bag of onions or apples as an exercise weight option.

10.  Large Bottle of Laundry Detergent -  Whether its laundry day or a bottle a cheap detergent, laundry bottles pose a great option for workout weights. 

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