Monday, October 14, 2019


Aside from getting a killer cardio workout, this exercise works your booty surprisingly well. 

No equipment is needed, aside from some type of slider. Such as a paper plate (if on carpet), OR towel, washcloth or other sliding item (if on a hard floor). Ignite your inner thighs, quads and glutes with this simple exercise. 

Lateral Pistol Squats
(A) (B)


Proper Form: Stand up straight with both legs on your slider of choice (wash cloth, carpet piece, etc) (A). Tighten your core and slowly slide your left leg to the side (B), pause for a moment and slowly squeeze back up to the starting position (C). Next repeat slowly going forward (D), finishing in your starting position. Repeat with alternate side, continue for desired reps.

Muscles Engaged: Work your inner thighs, quads and glutes with this engaging exercise!

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