Thursday, November 21, 2019


Nothing soothes the soul on a cold day like a warm bowl of soup.  Many popular recipes are heavy on cheeses, creams, and calories. 

Here are some simple swaps, and tips for healthy soup making. Update your family favorites with "health-ier" alternatives this winter season.

Tip #1: Ditch the cream- Cream can easily be swapped out for half-and-half, whole milk, or even better low-fat milk.  This doesn't alter the flavor much, but can impact the thickness of the stock.  FIX THAT by adding a potato, 1 pureed potato easily thickens and makes soup creamy and thick- cauliflower can also be used

Tip #2: Crunch-less veggies- If you family despises the crunch of an onion or unfamiliar veggie; saute´ your veggies before adding them to your soup.  This allows the flavors to develop, with no crunchy texture.

Tip #3: Use the whole vegetable- To get the perfect soup, your base liquid needs flavor. Stems and tops from veggies become tender when cooked. You'll get all those extra flavor, nutrients and fiber while reducing food waste.  

Tip #4: Rinse the beans- Here is an instant way to make your soup healthier. Rinsing your beans instantly reduces sodium content!

Tip #5: Simmer never boil- Low and slow cooking instead of a rapid boil can improve soup flavor and texture. Boiling causes veggies to break apart and meat to become hard and chewy. Simmering allows the soup to develop richer flavors, which decreases the need for added salt. Keeping flavors high and sodium low!


Want to try a new recipe? Skip a trip to the store and CREATE a soup recipe with ingredients you have at home!

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