Wednesday, December 11, 2019


With the holidays in full swing, be sure your food safety skills are up to pare.  Simple preventative measures can help keep your guests healthy! Fight BAC with these 3 simple tips:

Hand washing is a simple way to prevent bacterial growth.  Did you know 65% of consumers don't wash their hands before meal preparation? Avoid this habit and spend 20 seconds washing to prevent bacterial contamination.  

 Keep your scene clean by cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.  Bacteria that can cause illness can survive in many places around your kitchen. Keeping countertops clean can prevent food contamination. 

  • CLEAN SURFACES with hot water and soap, do this after prep-ing each food item.

Rinse produce under running water just before eating, even if you plan to cut or peel them. Bacteria can spread from the outside to the inside during cutting and peeling.
  • FIRM SKIN PRODUCE should be rubbed by hand or scrubbed with a cleaning brush.
  • PACKAGED PRODUCE labeled "ready to eat" should not be washed.
  • DRY PRODUCE with a paper towel, rather than dish towel to prevent re-contamination.

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