Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Monday we dispelled myths about dried beans. We concluded with a reliable method for hydrating beans. Today we will discuss the versatility of beans, ways to make canned beans healthier and easy recipes to incorporate them. 

If you want to cut corners, canned beans are always an option! But be sure to drain and rinse them before use. This lowers the sodium content which is used for preservation in the canning process. Sodium is useful in food preservation, it is also an essential electrolyte that helps maintain water balance, stabilize blood pressure, and for proper muscle and nerve functions. 

However, TOO MUCH sodium can be equally as harmful. The American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 2300 mg, which converts to approx. 1 tsp. of salt per day. The average American eats nearly double this recommendation, which, over time could lead to chronic diseases such has hypertension and heart disease.

What are the best ways to lower sodium intake? 

  • Lower salt usage when cooking, especially if your family has a habit of salting their food before consumption. 
  • Avoid eating overly salted and processed foods. These foods have high levels of sodium and preservatives. 
  • Consider purchasing low-sodium food options; including canned products like vegetables and beans. 
  • When possible, rinse your canned foods before usage. This is a simple way to lower levels.

Whether you choose dried or canned beans, beans are packed with protein and are an inexpensive option to keep on your shelves.  Here are some easy recipes for incorporating beans into your families weekly menu.

Black Bean enchiladas
Click HERE for complete recipe and directions!
Black Bean Salad
Click HERE for complete recipe and directions!

Wild Rice Soup
Click HERE for complete recipe and directions!

Black Bean Salsa
Click HERE for complete recipe and directions!

Crispy Roasted Black Beans
Click HERE for complete recipe and directions!

 Possibilites are endless, beans can be incorporated into nearly any recipe. Substitute beans for meat or combine with meat to stretch your meat supply and save some $$. 

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