Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Continued homeschool for the duration of the school year may have you in a bind. From reading, to math, it's difficult to keep children focused and on task. Physical activity is a great way to break up the monotony of bookwork, while keeping kids fit, active and healthy.

Here are some fun easy ways to get your kids out and active, with little to no prep work from you!

1. Hop scotch
2. Balloon volleyball: how-to play HERE
3. Play in the sprinklers
4. Nature walk
5. Backyard scavenger hunt: CLICK HERE for printable
6. Red-light green-light
7. Freeze tag
8. Build a fort
9. Warm-up exercise competition (sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks etc.)
10. Hand stand competition
11. Wall ball: how-to play HERE
12. Wii games
13. Run up and down the stairs
14. Capture the flag: how-to play HERE
15. Kick the can: how-to play HERE
16. Paper airplane competition
17. Practice dribbling a ball, or play basketball
18. Play catch
19. Gymnastic show down
20. Dance-off

There are countless ways to get kids of any age out and moving. Keep them active during quarantine and throughout the summer with these simple, fun family activities!

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