Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Eating vegetables provides your body with vitamins, fiber and other essential nutrients your body requires for healthy growth and development. They are also low in calories making them a great weight loss solution and entree side to decrease caloric intake at meals and social gatherings. 
A great way to make vegetables more enticing during holiday gathers is to make them festive! There are endless possibilities to get creative this season. Here are some easy veggie platters to try at your next holiday gathering.




Aim for 3 cups of colorful veggies a day, to keep your body energized with fiber and nutrients.

Thursday, December 3, 2020


 Eating healthy during the holidays can be quite simple when you make easy, inexpensive swaps. These swaps can increase the nutrient content in your holiday dishes leading to a healthier, less caloric plate. Simple swaps can make large impacts in preventing holiday weight gain and long term disease prevention.

Consider the following:

Oil  Applesauce

White rice → Brown rice

Sour cream or Mayo  Plain greek yogurt

Butter  Olive oil or Avocado puree

Salt  Spices

Potatoes → Sweet potatoes or Squash

Pasta  Zoodles

Bread crumbs  Rolled oats or Crushed nuts

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Give back this season, quarantine styled! Simply create a donation box at your home and drop off at the Kanab Senior Center on the posted drop dates, (Jan 4th 8-11am and Jan 9th 8-11am)

Help us provide food for those in need this holiday season! (All food stays local!)