Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Produce In Season


Revive Your Veggies

 Veggies are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals. They also contain an ample amount of fiber to increase satiety and improve intestinal health. Increasing veggie intake on a budget can be simple and easy. Purchasing produce in season will cut cost and improve flavor. Here is a list of veggies in season this month CLICK HERE.

One down fall to improved produce purchase is their shorter shelf life. Some produce such as potatoes, onions and squash have improved storage capabilities. While others require refrigeration and if not consumed promptly can become wilted and limp. In most cases these veggies get thrown out, along with your hard earned dollar. 

There are simple tricks and tips to prevent this waste, and even improve the longevity of your veggies!

#1- Wash and Prep ASAP; not only will this increase shelf life, it also makes your vegetables accessible and ready for snacking. Having vegetables clean, cut and prepped will increase consumption.

#2- Store; proper storage of vegetables will increase shelf life as well. Most veggies store best in a refrigerator crisper drawer, out of the plastic bag. This allows for adequate temperature and air circulation to prevent mold development. 


#3- Revive the Wilt; if veggies become limp and wilted, you can reverse this effect by simply soaking the limp veggies in ice water for 10-15 min. This allows re-hydration and they will crisp right up! Good as new!

Increase your families vegetable intake and start receiving the benefits today!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St Patricks day!

Celebrate your St. Patricks Day with these healthy, fun recipes your family is sure to love!


Traditional Pestos require pine nuts, which aren't always easy to come by and very expensive. This recipes substitutes sunflower seeds. It's a simple inexpensive recipe to bring your favorite pastas and lean meats to life!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Caffeine Pro's and Con's

 Caffeine, in all its forms, plays a key role in many of our daily lives. It has potential to both help and harm if used irresponsibly. Common benefits include increased alertness and energy. But over intake can lead to negative side effects. Common side effects of over consumption include:

  • Jitteriness 
  • Increased anxiety
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Stomach irritation
  • Irritability 
  • Headaches
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Sleep walking

Limit tolerance can vary from person to person. Knowing your personal tolerance can help you consume in moderation. Consuming within these limitations can exaggerate benefits while preventing negative side-effects.

Along with side-effect monitoring, limitations have been recommended by health professionals. These include:

Adults: less than 400 mg/day

Teens: less than 100 mg/day

Children: 0 mg/day

**Consuming as little as 100 mg/day can result in caffeine dependency. 

These numbers add up quickly. Consider the following caffeine breakdown. Notice these amounts are per 1 cup (8 oz.) serving. It is common to consume more than this 8 oz recommendation, increasing intake, increases caffeine equally.

Many caffeine loaded beverages also include ample amounts of added sugar. Energy drinks being a prime example.
With increased intake of these energy drinks there is increasing concern of over consumption of caffeine side-effects and dependency. 

As with all nutrition groups, moderation is key. Listening to your bodily cues can prevent over indulgence and negative side effects from occurring. Become familiar with your daily caffeine intake and find a limit that works for you! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Workout Motivation

The health benefits that result from consistent exercise is no secret. From decreasing disease development and injury prevention, to improved balance and boosting your endurance. Exercising delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and improves heart efficiency. 

Some of the most common struggles with exercise commitment is: 

-lack of motivation
-lack of time
-lack of money
-lack of ability/knowledge

How can we combat these problems and improve life duration and quality? There is no single solution to solve ALL of these struggles. But finding your main conflict, and determining a realistic solution will bring the most success.

Here are a few simple suggestions and ideas to increase your commitment and motivation to successful health improvement:

Find a workout buddy: social connection is another important aspect of combating depression and daily stressors. Having someone to count on and interact with can improve exercise enjoyment and commitment.

Designate time each day: set time each day to move. Whether in the morning, afternoon or evening, find a time that is most realistic for you. Preferable a time when you have the most energy and drive. Consider multitasking, such as: calf raises while doing dishes, or squats while dinner cooks. Get creative! 

Break up the routine: getting 30 min of exercise 5 days a week can seem unrealistic for a busy schedule. This doesn't have to be the case. Consider breaking up your routine and fit in 3, 10 min spurts of exercise during your day. This could include a walk around the block, jumping jacks during tv commercials and playing tag with your kids after dinner. Make it simple and realistic and your bound to stay committed and reap the results!

Start small: set realistic goals to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed can lead to frustration and quitting. If you don't currently exercise, designate 1 or 2 times a week to be more active. Progression takes time. Be patient with yourself and build goals at a reasonable and realistic pace.

Find something you enjoy: it doesn't matter how, just get up and move. Finding exercise you enjoy is crucial to becoming consistent and enjoying the process to improved health. 

Track your progress: tracking your progress can help keep you motivated and committed to your end goal. Progress tracking can look different for everyone. Some simple inexpensive tracking suggestions include: body measurements, before & after pictures, and diary tracking. 

 **Avoid scale measurements as muscle weighs more than fat, so it is not an accurate depiction of progress and can lead to frustration.

Find a realistic and reasonable approach to improving your health and wellness today!