Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Revive Your Veggies

 Veggies are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals. They also contain an ample amount of fiber to increase satiety and improve intestinal health. Increasing veggie intake on a budget can be simple and easy. Purchasing produce in season will cut cost and improve flavor. Here is a list of veggies in season this month CLICK HERE.

One down fall to improved produce purchase is their shorter shelf life. Some produce such as potatoes, onions and squash have improved storage capabilities. While others require refrigeration and if not consumed promptly can become wilted and limp. In most cases these veggies get thrown out, along with your hard earned dollar. 

There are simple tricks and tips to prevent this waste, and even improve the longevity of your veggies!

#1- Wash and Prep ASAP; not only will this increase shelf life, it also makes your vegetables accessible and ready for snacking. Having vegetables clean, cut and prepped will increase consumption.

#2- Store; proper storage of vegetables will increase shelf life as well. Most veggies store best in a refrigerator crisper drawer, out of the plastic bag. This allows for adequate temperature and air circulation to prevent mold development. 


#3- Revive the Wilt; if veggies become limp and wilted, you can reverse this effect by simply soaking the limp veggies in ice water for 10-15 min. This allows re-hydration and they will crisp right up! Good as new!

Increase your families vegetable intake and start receiving the benefits today!

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