Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Making Realistic Health Adjustments

 It's easy to get stuck in bad habits. Making necessary changes can seem overwhelming and complicated. With our fast paced, quick results society it's common to feel impatient when striving for change.

Being realistic in your expectations can bring change and realistic habit adaptation. USU has created the "Step-Down" principle. This theory can be applied in endless scenarios. 

For example: if you are seeking ways to adjust your budget, and your family loves their weekly movie theatre outing. Rather than completely cancelling your, "new release" movie night, you could adjust to attending a matinee screen time instead.  Or if you prefer attending a less recent release, you could "step-dow", by waiting a few more weeks for the rental release.

This principle can be applied to health habits as well. If you are wanting to cut calories, but love eating out every Friday night, consider ordering a lower calorie entree, or put half of the portion in a to-go box for lunch the next day. 

If your wanting lasting change, you should strive for lifelong health patterns to achieve success. 

Apply this principle in your life, to help you achieve the success you've been striving for. Small steps lead to lasting change and successful outcomes!

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