Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Food Label

 The food label can be an extremely useful tool when identifying what you are eating. The USDA has recently updated this model. Check out these updates that have simplified food label reading. 

You'll notice important details have been bolded and increased in font size. This can help you identify key factors in the foods you are consuming.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Kitchen Tips

5 easy kitchen tips to make your summer cooking a breeze!

#1 - Remove corn from the cob using a Bundt pan for balance and collecting!

#2 - Easiest way to cut an apple, safe and efficiently! 

#3 - Prevent mushrooms from getting slimy by storing in a brown paper sack or wrap individually in damp paper towels. 

#4 - 
Use fruit rinds or overly ripe fruit to stay hydrated with fruit infused water.

#5 - Cook stuffed bell peppers upright in a muffin tin when baking.

Have other favorite kitchen tips?? Share in the comments below↓↓↓ :) 


Monday, June 21, 2021

Mindful Snacking

Making healthier lifestyle choices can have major health benefits. Implementing these lifestyle changes doesn't have to be drastic or outrageous to see results. A simple way to improve your overall health habits is to snack mindfully. This means to snack with intention, rather than grazing throughout your day. When you make your snacking mindful you are able to improve nutrient intake and cut unnecessary calories. This also prevents over indulgence, which can lead to weight gain and depleting health.

Better manage your weight and overall health habits by being aware of your health goals, and consume foods during meals and snacks to help you achieve these goals. Start small, choose goals that are attainable. This will increase your commitment and prevent failure.

Check out these simple, inexpensive snack combos:

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Sunrise Smoothie

 This immune boosting smoothie is packed with vitamin A & C! Vitamin A is essential from eye health and development. While vitamin C aids in wound healing and immunity proficiency. 

Starting your day with a vitamin packed smoothie can improve health focus and jump start your metabolism for your day

Smoothies also make a great snack. They're can serve as a healthier fix to satisfying a relentless sweet tooth. Fruit contains fructose which is a natural sugar. Aim for natural sweets and avoid added sugar when possible. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Outsmart Your Sweet Tooth

Setting realistic goals can help you stay on track and motivated. Learning when to indulge, and to do so in moderation can increase your consistency and commitment. Outsmart your sweet tooth with these simple tricks!

#1 Set the tone for your day, with a healthy breakfast. Eating a balanced breakfast with whole grains and fiber will increase morning satiety and prevent sugary cravings.

#2 Distract yourself with an outdoor walk, or chew a piece of gum. Chewing gum is a great way to satisfy a craving without indulging in calorie consumption. With an assortment of flavors and brands on the market your sure to keep your taste buds guessing!

#3 Sprinkle sweet spices on your favorite snack! Cinnamon is a great spice to satisfy your sweet tooth. Studies show cinnamon reduces sugar cravings and controls blood glucose levels. Sprinkle on popcorn, yogurt, fruit slices or oatmeal for a quick fix.

#4 Drink water or fruit infused water. Your brain can misinterpret thirst as a sugary craving. When your sweet tooth kicks in, grab a glass of water. Flavor your water with fresh fruit and herbs. Lime and mint leaves are one of my favorite combos! Be creative and experiment to find your favorite fruit infusion. 

#5 Satisfy your sweet tooth safely. Finding a healthy fix is another great option. 
Fruit contains fructose, which is a natural sugar. Recipes with fruit provide sweet fixes, without added sugar. Check-out this recipe for your next sugary fix:

 Strawberry Graham Sandwich
  • Graham cracker
  • Yogurt of choice
  • Fresh Berries 
  1. Rinse and slice your berries. 
  2. Break your cracker in half and top one half with yogurt and fresh fruit. Top with remaining graham, and enjoy!
**Try freezing your graham sandwich for a frozen yogurt treat!