Friday, August 20, 2021

Easy Breakfasts

Strive to encourage your children to eat breakfast in the mornings. Breakfast has been scientifically proven to boost metabolism, improve focus and knowledge retention. Fueling your children before school departure will provide them with energy for improved attention in the classroom.

Breakfast doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. Check out these easy grab-and-go options that can be eaten on the bus, or on the go. Aim for options with whole grains. Whole grains have ample fiber content, to assist with regulatory and satiety. Using food labels to compare fiber, added sugar, vitamin and fat content can be helpful in making healthier choices. For a quick label refresher CLICK HERE.

Low-fat yogurt:
aim for low-fat, lower sugar yogurt options. Flavored yogurt contains added sugar. Comparing food labels of different yogurt brands can limit sugar intake and improve nutrient content. 

Granola bar
: There is a wide assortment of granola bars on the market. Comparing food labels can limit sugar content. Aim for whole grains and fewer ingredients on the label for a healthier choice.

Energy balls:
This is always a crowd favorite. No baking required. Make ahead of time for a quick snack, or breakfast go-to.  CLICK HERE for recipe

Fruit or veggie:
Boost your vitamin intake with a fruit or vegetable in the morning. All that is required is a quick rinse. Try an apple, orange, banana or handful of berries. If sweet fruit isn't your morning fix, aim for a carrot or cucumber instead.  

Cheese stick
: Get a quick protein and calcium boost with a cheese stick. There are many brands and flavors on the market to satisfy any taste.

Trail mix
: Purchase individual packages, or buy 
bulk and manually separate into small snack sized baggies. Trail mix is a great protein option with a sweet kick of dried fruit. This is an easy and nutrient dense choice.

Whole grain toast
: Only a few minutes and you have endless options. Top with PB, fresh jam, jelly or other favorite spreads. Pair with a glass of milk (when there is time) for a balanced combo. CLICK HERE for fun recipes.

Frozen whole-grain waffle
: Another simple, few minute solution. Top with your 
favorite toppings and enjoy on the bus.

If you're ambitious, recipes like these can be made the night before and stored in the fridge for future breakfast options.

Overnight oats
: Easy whole grain option that is filled with fiber for increased 
satiety. There are endless flavor options, find your favorite.

Hard boiled eggs
: Hard boiled eggs take only minutes to master. Store in the fridge for a quick morning protein boost.

Healthier muffins
: Most muffins are filled 
with added sugar. Check out his recipe for a healthier option. CLICK HERE

Waffles or pancakes: Breakfast for dinner? Make extra whole-grain waffles, or pancakes and store in the fridge. Pop in the microwave or toast in the toaster for a quick morning go to.

Breakfast truly is a healthy habit to instill in children at a young age. Make it easy and realistic to improve consistency and commitment. 

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