Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Kitchen Tip

 Using herbs and spices in your recipes is an easy way to lower sodium content without loosing flavor. Growing herbs is simple and cost effective. You can do it in your yard, or if not weather or space permitting you can grow them in a small windowsill. Mason jars or small pots work perfect. Local grocers and hardware stores typically carry seed year round.

Harvesting herbs can be as simple as the growth process. Simply remove leaves from the stems if further growth is desired, or cut at the base of the stem. 

There are many methods for preservation. For short term storage you can store the stems in a jar with water, for optimal results also cover with a ziplock bag. This process can also work for store bought herbs. For increased storage you can store leaves in a ziplock bag in the freezer. 

Use herbs year round to spruce up your favorite recipes and/or replace sodium in your favorite recipes.

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