Thursday, November 4, 2021

Fruit and Veggie Appeal

 There's no secrets about the benefits of fruit and vegetable intake. From decreasing chronic disease development to preventing sickness and increasing recovery rates, upping your fruit and veggie intake is a no brainer. 

Here are some EASY tips and tricks to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily routine.

#1 Increase Appeal: Making produce an appealing choice is a great start. Purchasing produce in season will ensure quality and visual appeal. Serving with sauces or dips (recipes below) is a great and easy way to up your fruit and vegetable intake!

#2 Modify your Snacking: What's your go to snack? Consider rotating fruit and vegetables into your snacking rotation. Carrot sticks, apple slices, dried mangos or berries parfaits. There are endless possibilities!

#3 Transform your Desserts: If you're guilty for sweet tooth indulgences, incorporate fruity desserts into your line up. Peach or berry cobbler, apple crumble, berry topped ice cream or parfaits. Adding the nutrient benefits of fruit to your favorite desserts can increase nutrient intake without making much change.

#4 Fun in Variety: Switch it up! Repetitive food options get old... the same cereal, repetitive recipes, banana and apple overload? Try a new variety of fruits and veggies. Try purchasing the fruit or veggies on sale each week. Grocers typically highlight seasonal produce with sales, due to the large quantity and quality of the item. This helps you save money and ensures a natural rotation to your selection.

#5 Ease of Access: Making the healthy choice the easy choice will increase intake naturally. After returning home from the store rinse berries, peel and chop veggies. Store them in fridge in clear, visible containers for fast, convenient snacks. A fruit bowl on the counter is another way to draw attention to healthier choices.

Check out these fun, simple crowd pleasing fruit and veggie dips!

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