Monday, November 29, 2021

Healthy Snacks

 Setting realistic goals is a great step towards success. Improving your caloric and nutrient intake can seem overwhelming. Starting small allows you to improve your lifestyle and stay consistent. Consistency brings change and success. 

Consider starting with increased attention to your snack choices. Making healthy choices between meals can make a bit difference in your health outcome.

Check out these simple, inexpensive options:

#1 Avocado and Mango: spread mashed veggies or diced fruit on whole grain crackers.

#2 Apple, Banana & Peanut B
utter: use peanut butter as a protein packed dip with your favorite fruit and veggies.

#3 Hummus and Veggies: spread hummus on whole grain crackers or use as a dip with your favorite vegetables.

Choosing healthier snacks can satisfy hunger between meals, without unneeded calories, sugar and sodium.

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