Thursday, November 18, 2021

Increase Physical Activity

Increasing physical activity is a great start to improving your health. Physically active adults are less likely to develop chronic disease and mental illness. Finding a fitness routine that works for you is half the battle. No matter how you choose move, increasing activity will benefit people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. 

Check out these simple tips to improve your healthy lifestyle today:

1) Set realistic goals and increase over time: Over ambitious goals can increase your risk of injury and muscle soreness. This discomfort can prevent consistency. Starting slow is a great way to improve your lifestyle, and stay consistent for increased chance of success.

2) Get your heart pumping: Exercise can look different from day to day. Find something you enjoy that gets your heart rate up, and continue for a minimum of 10 minutes for best results.

3) Strength train for healthy muscles and bones: Twice a week focus on strength activities. Examples include: push-ups, lifting weights, resistance band training or heavy duty yard work. Strength training improves bone health and stimulates muscle growth.

4) Make active choices throughout your day: Simple activity choices can make all the difference. Park you car further from a building entrance, take the stairs, and spend break-time going for a brisk walk. Physical activity can easily be incorporated into any busy schedule, 10 minutes at a time.

5) Be active your way: With endless ways to be active find a variety that you enjoy. Try something new: walking, hiking, biking, dancing, fitness classes or gardening. Possibilities are endless. Finding your passion will improve your success. Get up and get moving, your way!

6) Use the buddy system: Improve the success of others, and increase your commitment with someone with similar interests and goals. Physical fitness efforts with support will improve efforts and consequently success rates.

7) Set goals and track your progress: After you determine your goals, choose a way to track your progress. Pictures, measurements, stamina or endurance are great progress indicators. Avoid weight measurements as tracking methods. Muscle weight is heavier than fat. Making scales an unreliable progress measurment method.

8) Add on to your active time: Once you establish a fitness routine increase your activity time weekly. The more time your spend being active the more benefits and results you will achieve. Start small, and consistently add-on to improve results and improve benefits. 

9) Increase your effort: As you increase your time also work to improve your intensity. Increasing reps, speed and performance are great ways to build intensity.

10) Have fun: Most importantly make physical activity enjoyable. Setting a routine that you better tolerate will increase commitment, enjoyment and goal achievement!

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