Friday, February 25, 2022

Canned Food Nutrition

The internet is swamping with canned food controversy. Are they healthy? Do they provide nutrient content comparable to their fresh food counterparts? The answer is a resounding, yes! Canned foods are reliable sources for nutrient intake. They are also convenient and affordable for any budget. 
Determining the packaging liquid can help you recognize nutrient concerns. Some canned items are packaged in high-sodium or high sugar liquids. This problem can be averted when aiming for low-sodium options, and products canned in 100% fruit juice rather than sugar water and rinsing the product in clean cool water before consumption. 

Canned foods are packaged fresh and of high quality to withstand the canning process. This makes them reliable quality products. They are also available year-long, shelf-stable, and inexpensive. Making them a great addition to your family pantry stash.

The bottom line is canned foods are nutritious options for your family. Focusing on low-sodium, low-sugar options can increase nutrient benefit. 


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