Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Increase Produce Shelf Life

Fruits and vegetables play a healthy role in a balanced diet. They can however spoil quickly if not stored properly. 

A huge factor in produce rot can be attributed to ethylene gas exposure. Some fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas, naturally, when ripening. This increases the ripening process. When "none ethylene" produce is sensitive to these gases, exposure can cause them to ripen too quickly and lead to quicker spoilage. 
If increased ripening is desired place an ethylene emitting fruit in a brown paper bag with the desired fruit or vegetable needing ripening. 
If quicker ripening isn't your goal, check out these produce list breakdowns, to help you identify and store products properly. This will increase the shelf life and quality of your healthy purchases. 

How are your storage methods? Any necessary adjustments can be simple and improve your quality of fruit and vegetable shelf-life duration. 

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