Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Mindful snacking

 Snacking can be problematic or beneficial, depending on your approach. Obviously healthier choices provide benefit, but also the time of consumption and portion sizing plays an impactful role. 

The USDA has created a nutrition tool called MyPlate to assist in meal planning and portion control. This tool is also useful in mindful snacking. When using this tool for meal preparation you can more easily identify food groups that are not included in a meal. These forgotten groups can then be added to your diet as a between-meal snack. Thus fulfilling all recommendations and supporting mindful snacking efforts. 

If the MyPlate route isn't for you, aim to incorporate and/or center your snacks around fruit and vegetable consumption. These groups are typically overlooked throughout the day. This is unfortunate because these groups support a healthy immune system and provide the body with nutrients to support essential processes and biological development and repair in the body. Another benefit of these snacking choices is that they are lower sugar, fat, cholesterol, and calories. Making these snack selections, a healthy, easy choice!

Check out these simple, inexpensive, nutrient-dense snacks to fuel your body between meals.

Cottage cheese and cucumbers

Apples and peanut butter

Dried fruit leather

Sugar snap peas

Mini bell peppers and string cheese

Carrots and hummus

Find ways to snack mindfully! You'll increase your nutrient intake for the day and cut empty calories. Simple changes to create healthy habits to a healthier you.

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